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A permanent didactic show presents the long way a print does, from the printer’s vision till the stage when the print can be hanged on the wall. The visitor will be instructed through the various print techniques and the gradual stages of “artist proofs” creation. The instruction leads the visitor till the “bonne a-tirer” (BAT) stage, when the painter approves the final printing and is ready to sign the whole series.

The visitors enjoy a manifold collection of prints from limited series signed by great painters who worked with Haifa Art Printers artists.

The collection embraces various schools like: realism, abstract ,lyricism, impressionism, pop, surrealism, and modernism.

The atelier dedicates a special corner to Judaica: microcaligraphy, ketubot, papercuts, kaballah, and jewish traditions.

The Atelier’s artists believe in giving an opportunity to new painters and thus expose their art to the visitors.

For special prices of the gallery’s silk-prints - contact us.

The list below presents examples of prints that were created in Haifa Art Printers atelier by name of painter, in alphabetical order
Image size: by cm

Agam Yaakov - Heart and Rainbow
Adami Valerio - Heart and Rainbow
Baum Josh - Untitled
Arman Fernandez - Heart and Rainbow
Al-Kara Ovadia
Berger Genia - King David
Ben-Haim Zigi - Untitled
Austerlits Asnat Dictionary - Utopia
Bergner Yosl -The Necklace
Berger Genia - Genesis
Berger Genia - Solomon greets Queen of Sheva
Eisenwasser Bathia - Dunes
Castel Moshe - Psalm
Castel Moshe - Peace
Eisenwasser Bathia-The Fence Post
Eisenwasser Bathia - Reflections
Eisenvasser Bathia - In Flight at Caesarea
Gat Moshe - Tempest
Gat Moshe - Tuvia the Milkman
Eisenwasser Bathia -Open Gate
Gat Moshe- Girl
Gat Moshe - Corral Vendor
Gat Moshe - Fisherman in Jaffa
Grossbard Yehoshua - Balcony 57x46 cm
Gat Moshe-The Artist's Son
Gat Moshe -Brother&Sister
Grunbaum Ernst - Fild Flowers
Grossbard Yehoshua - the Pink House
Grossbard Yehoshua -Stairs and Door
Gutman Nahum - The Comet Halae over Litttle Tel-Aviv
Grunbaum Ernst - Poppies
Grossbard Yehoshua -Windows and stairs
Kadishman Menashe -The Blue Herd
Kadishman Menashe - Three Sheep - Golden
Grunbaum Ernst- Moon
Katz Asia - Girl with Balloons
Katz Asia -Pleasant Memories
Kadishman Menashe- White sheep
Katz Asia - Lady in Blue
Katz Asia - Escaping the Net
Katz Asia - Girl with a Bird
Katz Asia - Scenes from a life
Katz Asia - Heavens
Katz Asia - Kites
Katz Asia - Umbrellas 20x29
Katz Asia - Marriage Proposal
Katz Asia - Masked
Katz Asia -Talking with Birds
Katz Asia - Strings for Luck
Katz Asia - The Family Home
Kupferman Moshe - Untitled
Kats Shmuel - Haifa - the Port
Kats Shmuel - Amazingly beautiful Haifa Katz Asia - talking with birds
Magal Ben-Zion - Dancers in Blue
Magal Ben-Zion - Fishermen
Magal Ben-Zion - The sea of Galilee
Reisman Ori - Top of the Hill
Magal Ben-Zion Water Seller
Magal Ben-Zion - Dancers 66x57 cm
Rubinstein Israel - Materialistic Race
Rubinstein Israel - Inauguration of the Shabbath
Rubinstein Israel - The Poker Game
Salomon Edvin - Love Fight
Salomon Edvin -Beginning of New Life
Salomon Edvin - Blue Birds
Salomon Edvin- Red Flamingos
Salomon Edvin -Safari
Salomon Edvin -Flamingo Fantasia
Silberstein Yehuda - Litle Jerusalem
Shteiman Lev - My Lovely Haifa
Schwartz Michael - Centenary portrait of Ben-Gurion
Silberstein Yehuda - The Cypresses Trees
Silberstein Yehuda - The Old Olive Tree
Silberstein Yehuda -The Olive Tree
Steimatsky Avigdor - Grove in Jerusalem
Silberstein Yehuda - The Olive Tree
Slonim Sima - The Blue Girl
Zaritsky Josef - Horses, Out of the Wood
Zaritsky Josef - The Jewish Street in Safed
Zaritsky Josef - Uphill
Zaritsky Josef -Haifa, The Hebrew Technion
Zaritsky Josef - While Painting
Zaritsky Josef - Haifa, Downtown
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