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Oscar and Shoshana Shpinner are masters of art in silk printing.

They have both painted since early age and based their expertise on the experience they have acquired while using all painting techniques and through the work they have done with the various existing materials in the field. It is this professional background that elevates the work done by Oscar and Shoshana from a technical level to an artistic work of art.

Oscar Shpinner was one of the pioneers of silk printing in Haifa.
He immigrated to Israel in 1951 and in 1953 he started to study with Prof. Paul Konrad Hoenich PEKA
Impressed by his teacher’s work, Oscar developed his skills and expertise in Etching, Wood cut and Silk Screen

Oscar Shpinner   - Nueba

Silk screening blossomed in the western world in the sixties of the 20th century. Oscar took the opportunity to study in France, Germany and Switzerland, to learn the qualities of new materials and to become familiar with all new tools and techniques


Oscar brought all this knowledge to Israel, and improved his skills and expertise.


Oscar’s wife Shoshana joined the atelier in 1970. She has brought with her new skills and new artistic point of view. Together they have developed “Oscar Haifa Art Printers” as a modern equipped atelier, producing work for museums and galleries in Israel and abroad 
Shoshana also brought to the place her educational vision
The studio became a center for exposing young school students to the world of arts



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